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Something to watch out for with Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Amazon hides the lower-priced options. Example from just now: Jason Statham stars in Redemption, and I saw in browsing on-line that the price (to “watch now while in movie theaters”) is $3.99. I like Mr. Statham’s movies generally, so I look it up using my Fire TV Stick… there it is! But the price here is $4.99 to watch. It’s HD, but I really don’t need HD for this movie, but the $3.99 price is not shown.

On closer inspection, I see 5 choice boxes that I can highlight. From left to right:

Rent HD $4.99
Buy HD $14.99
Add to Watchlist
Watch Trailer, and (last but not least)
More Ways to Watch

When you click that last one, you see:

Rent:  HD $4.99     SD $3.99

So the cheaper option was accidentally hidden from plain view, requiring a full read of the options and another click.

Written by LeisureGuy

1 January 2015 at 5:55 pm

Posted in Business, Movies & TV

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