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James Cameron’s Avatar wears well

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In watching it again, I realized there are stretches of the movie that are more or less a travelogue, but the world and its vistas and lifeforms are interesting, so that’s fine.

Sorry for delayed posting. Rather a hectic day today: new tires for one car, diatomaceous earth scattered about to kill fleas, a fair amount of cooking (and more tomorrow), etc.


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7 March 2015 at 6:15 pm

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Schick Adjustable with Schick blades: BBS

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SOTD 7 Mar 2015

A great shave today. The Omega R&B commemorative brush did a fine job with Floris JF shaving soap, making a wonderful lather—which, oddly, was gone by the third pass. Insufficient loading, most likely. No problem: a few passes of the tips of the brush over the soap, and third pass was fine.

I used actual Schick blades in the Schick Adjustable (set on “3”), and it was a fine shave, except that muscle memory had me set razor to face in the same angle I had used with the Schick in high school—and instant nick! But, unlike in my high school days, I now have My Nik Is Sealed, and I immediately applied it and indeed the nick was sealed.

The other passes were without event—save for the efficient removal of stubble—because I was much more careful of blade angle and how to place the razor’s head on my skin. With practice, that will become automatic, particularly if I used the injector razor exclusively.

I do find the Schick blades a bit better (for me) than Ted Pella blades, but this is shaving: YMMV.

A good splash of JF aftershave, and the weekend is underway.

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7 March 2015 at 6:13 pm

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