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An orange-themed shave

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SOTD 10 Mar 2015

An extremely nice shave today. The problems I once had in lathering Mike’s Natural soaps are totally gone. I wet the Mr Pomp brush, shook it out, and began brushing the surface of the Orange, Cedarwood, and Black Pepper soap. The hot water tap was turned on to just a dribble, and in the course of brushing the soap, I captured in the brush a little water and brushed that into what I was doing on the soap.

When the brush seemed fully loaded, I brought it beard and worked the lather up and into the stubble, adding one more driblet of water. A very nice lather and a pleasant fragrance, though for me the orange predominates.

Yesterday I ran an experiment trying the 24C head on various handles. At first it would fit none, but then I got a Maggard stainless handle to start and that seemed to realign the threads. However, I could not get the 24C head to screw into any of my Wolfman handles, and with the iKon and Above the Tie handles, the more the threads engaged as I screwed the handle and cap together, the more resistance I felt, so I backed off.

The Edwin Jagger handle shown works pretty well, but even so there is some resistance to overcome. It is clear that the Parker threads are not held to close tolerances and don’t match the common thread standards in use. If you want the Parker 24C/26C head on another handle, you can try, but it may or may not work.

It worked well enough here, and with a Kai blade I got a very nice three-pass shave: very smooth, no problems.

Continuing the orange them, a good splash of Royall Mandarin to finish the shave.

Written by LeisureGuy

10 March 2015 at 9:49 am

Posted in Shaving

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