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Super shave with new RazoRock Baby-Smooth razor, and two nice soaps

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SOTD 13 Mar 2015

I just received this soap (and another) and the new RazoRock “Baby Smooth” razor, machined (like the aluminum Stealth) for high-grade aluminum alloy.

The soap was a pure pleasure and immediately yielded a lather with a very nice fragrance with a cushiony slickness that promised—and delivered—and easy shave. You’ll note in the photo that the container is sized to the amount of soap: filled, rather than half full. I like that.

The razor I used with a Personna Lab Blue blade and I like it a lot. It is indeed light—thus making it easy for me to control pressure directly, just as the lack of a pivoting head (as on a cartridge razor) allows me to control angle directly. Single-blade shaving is a lot about controlling the tools, and perhaps that is why shaving seems to help restore or reinforce the locus of control.

The head is more curved than, say, the EJ head, but not at all bulky. It has a nice rigid feel—strong and also stiff—that enhances the feeling that you’re totally in control. It shaved very smoothly and easily, and I had no trouble finding the angle. BBS the first time out.

A rinse, dry, and splash of Mickey Lee’s estimable Italian Stallion aftershave milk.

Here’s a curious sight. I mentioned I ordered two soaps. One comes as 6 oz, the other as 8 oz. Here they are:

Two soaps

The Soap Command tub is exactly twice as high as necessary. The look seems deceptive: despite the container, the Catie’s Bubble soap contains 1/3 more than the Soap Commander soap (and I do understand that somewhere in the website listing the weight is provided—but the photo shows a different picture, as it were). Moreover, when I stack my soaps, the SC container’s height means it can be the only soap in that spot on the shelf: it’s too tall to allow another container to be stacked atop it.

Really, I think this is a serious mismatch of container and contained. I much prefer the Catie’s Bubble approach, which strikes me as presenting an honest appearance: what you see is how much you get.

Written by LeisureGuy

13 March 2015 at 10:16 am

Posted in Shaving

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  1. A question not relative to today’s post but, if you were to choose a favorite Bay Rum Aftershave what would it be?


    13 March 2015 at 4:37 pm

  2. Hard to say. Perhaps Krampert’s Finest, for its moisturizing properties. But I like several Dominican Bay, St. John’s, TOBS, Captain’s Choice…


    13 March 2015 at 5:29 pm

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