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Sharp knives at last

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I have coaxed my kitchen knives along for some time, but lately I’ve been clubbing my food more than sharpening it. I have had a Cher’s Choice electric knife sharpener, but I strongly advise against those: they do a bad job and they are designed to fail after a certain period so that you either pay a hefty refurbishing fee or buy a new one. The sign of failure is when your knives after being “sharpened” on the machine have a blunt edge that will cut nothing.

So I finally ordered an Edge Pro Apex, a sharpener system I’ve been wanting for (literally) years. I don’t know why I hesitated so long. Here it is in use:

He has other videos (sharpening serrated knives, sharpening large and small knives, and finishing the knife, but that gives you the idea. (The site has a collection of videos.)

The reason I’m posting: it’s out for delivery right now, so I’ll get it today. I’m so excited.

UPDATE: My kitchen knife is sharp once more, and I don’t think I even did a good job. I’ll get better with practice: at first it feels like trying to pat your head with one hand rub your stomach with the other. But even though I stopped at the 400 grit stone (skipping the 1000 grit and not doing the polish), the knife behaved much better on a test carrot. Lamb curry tonight, so I’ll be doing some chopping…

Written by Leisureguy

18 March 2015 at 11:08 am

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