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Meißner Tremonia and a fine shave

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SOTD 10 Aug 2016

Eddie of Australia drew my attention to this review of Meißner Tremonia shaving soap, and I could not resist. The soap in the photo is their Indian Flavour: “Pure essentail oils of coriander seeds, lemongrass and mint are combined with ground annatto seeds.” It’s an unusual and bewitching fragrance, and the soap is first rate. At first I thought the puck was paper-wrapped, but no: it’s the naked puck, with the logo stamped into the top with white lettering:

Meissner Tremonia soap

The indentation of the text and image is not evident in the photo, but you can readily feel it. As noted in the review linked above, the soaps are available from Straight Razor Designs. I may have to get more, but that would be foolish since I’m about to do another great soap purge from having too many soaps.

I did have to reload for the third pass, but I am pretty sure that I simply did not load my brush adequately. I’ve not used the 20102 for quite a while, and I may be rusty. It was not problem to reload, and the lather really is exceptionally good—and the unusual fragrance is quite pleasing.

Three pass, two nicks, with the Stealth razor holding a Voskhod blade. The nicks were odd: it felt very much as though the blade’s edge had been damaged somehow. They were small nicks, and My Nik Is Sealed had no problem stopping them. I changed the blade instantly once the shave was done.

A good splash of Fine’s Fresh Vetiver, and the week begins.

Written by Leisureguy

10 August 2015 at 8:56 am

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