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Sperm Whales Speak in Local Dialects, Study Finds

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Very interesting article by Becky Ferreira in Motherboard, with audio of sperm whale songs. From the article:

The study was led by Dalhousie University PhD candidate Mauricio Cantor, who modeled 18 years of sperm whale interactions to investigate how and why these clan-specific accents develop.

“The clan membership arguably can promote social cohesion and cooperation,” Cantor told me over email. “We know, for instance, that female sperm whales tend to stay with some relatives and other unrelated individuals for many years.”

“While they perform those long and deep dives to catch food, other females nurse and care of the calves at the surface because they can’t dive for that long or deep,” he continued. “Within a social unit, similar acoustic communicative signals may be very useful to coordinate these and other cooperative behaviours.”

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8 September 2015 at 10:10 am

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