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NY Times breathlessly reports something that did not happen

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A crusty Down Easter made a purchase at a hardware store and was staring hard at the change he was given. The clerk asked, “That’s the correct change, isn’t it?” The grudging reply was “Just barely.”

I was reminded of this by how the NY Times reported a recent story on Hillary Clinton, who is (too) frequently the object of animus from the Times.

The “story,” if you can call it that, is that a Clinton adviser did exactly the proper thing and removed herself from a discussion to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

That’s a news story? If the Times thinks that’s a story, then I have a great news story for them about how a bus full of people avoided crashing into a train!!! The bus came to a stop at the barrier as the train rushed by. Upwards of 50 people might have been killed! The bus was only 20 feet from the train!

That’s the sort of thing that passes for news at the NY Times these days.

The Times devoted 652 words to telling us that a conflict of interest did not arise. Was it a slow news day? Is it a way of breaking in reporters gently: first they report on things that did not happen and then later, as they gain experience, they report on things that do happen?

I think it’s just a particularly naked display of the Times’ traditional Clinton hatred—cf. Whitewater…

Written by LeisureGuy

29 September 2015 at 11:05 am

Posted in Election, NY Times

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