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An artist with synesthesia paints what music looks like to her

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Here’s John Lennon’s “Imagine,” for example:

John Lennon - Imagine

Full article here.

But go to her website, where you can see more of them, and also listen to the music while you view the painting: for example, “At Last.”

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3 October 2015 at 4:28 pm

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Radish greens

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I recently got a couple of bunches of radishes, sold in bunches with greens attached, and I was struck by how fresh they looked. Dark green leaves often seem to go with high nutritional value, so I did some searching, and radish greens are definitely edible. Most of the suggestions were for use in salads, but I like cooked greens.

I pulled most of the greens off the stalks, though another time I’ll mince the stalk. They were very dirty with that fine-grained dark dirt one often finds on bunches of fresh spinach. I washed them in a bowl of water, and repeated the washing, and—the water still a little dirty—did two more washings, then use a salad spinner to dry them.

Here’s what I did:

1 Tbsp bacon fat (or olive oil, if you want)
1/4 large red onion, chopped small
good pinch of salt
several grindings black pepper

Sautéd that for several minutes, then added:

3 cloves garlic, minced

After about a minute, I added:

Greens from two large bunches of radishes, rinsed well and chopped
Juice of 1 lemon

I stirred it a while, the covered it and let it cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Exceptionally tasty. I’ll make these when I buy radishes. I always cook the beet greens, of course, and now I’m curious about carrot greens.

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3 October 2015 at 2:39 pm

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Very nice review of the Guide to Gourmet Shaving

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I just read this review on and am chuffed by it. The reviewer really did a comprehensive review. (I’ve noticed that Amazon reviews in general have recently tended to be shorter, around 140 characters.) Just wanted to share my happiness. Every writer wants readers who understand.

UPDATE: Oops! I omitted the link. I hate it when I do that.

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3 October 2015 at 1:58 pm

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Gun violence in America, in 17 maps and charts

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German Lopez has an excellent collection of maps and charts at Vox, showing how anomalous the US is with respect to civilian ownership of guns and gun violence. The first chart:

gun homicides per capita

By all means, look at them all.

And note this important point:

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, supporters of gun rights often argue that it’s inappropriate to bring up political debates about gun control in the aftermath of a tragedy. For example, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a strong supporter of gun rights, criticized President Barack Obama for “trying to score cheap political points” when the president mentioned gun control after a mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

But if this argument is followed to its logical end, then it will never be the right time to discuss mass shootings, as Christopher Ingraham pointed out at the Washington Post. Under the Mass Shooting Tracker’s definition of mass shootings, America has nearly one mass shooting a day. So if lawmakers are forced to wait for a time when there isn’t a mass shooting to talk gun control, they could find themselves waiting for a very long time.

Update: Read more in Mother Jones’s “10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down.”

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3 October 2015 at 1:01 pm

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A moving Craigslist posting in “Missed Connections”

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Well worth reading.

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3 October 2015 at 12:54 pm

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Osgood’s semantic differential with incompatible extremes

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Sometime in the early 80’s I was reading a book on the semantic differential, a tool developed by Osgood in which a person, concept, or value is judged by a series of scales, with the respondent marking where between the extremes of the scale the item judged will fall. The general idea is to use a series of scales, say good/bad, strong/weak, active/passive, and so on. The extremes are polar opposites.

In the book, which I am now thinking was a collection of articles on the semantic differential, I read about using a series of scales in which the extremes were unrelated—e.g., strong/fast, heavy/bright, glossy/loud, and the like.

That’s about all I do remember, except that this use evoked consistent responses and led to interesting things.

Not much to go on, and in my searching so far I cannot find anything about the use of incompatible extremes in the semantic differential. Anyone know more?

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3 October 2015 at 11:20 am

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Smooth shave with sequential superlather

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SOTD 3 Oct 2015

Extremely fine result. I selected one of Shannon’s Soaps and had no problems neatly loading my Copper Hat shaving brush. The razor today is a flare-tip Super Speed, and as you can see in comparing it to yesterday’s TV Super Speed, this one has horizontal grooves that the TV Super Speed lacks. The blade is a Rapira, previously used.

The Esbjerg aftershave gel was very thick and when I rubbed it on my face it felt quite slick but was also quite visible. It took a while to realize that this sample was of shaving cream, not aftershave. (Damn small lettering.) I added some water to rinse it off and realized that (a) it was really slick, and (b) there were some rough patches. (The Rapira blade should have already been replaced, obviously.) I used the slickness and picked up a razor close to hand—my Apollo Mikron—and tried out the shaving cream (without lathering it), and ended up with a fine shave.

I checked my other Esbjerg sample, and it is the aftershave gel. Monday I’ll use the shaving cream sample as a shaving cream and not as an aftershave. (I did notice that it was MUCH thicker than before, but I thought perhaps it was older and had dried out somewhat. I’m not necessarily thinking clearly at the time I shave.)

End result was a fine shave, and that’s what counts.

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3 October 2015 at 11:15 am

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