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Companies Will Be Able to Sue Governments For Breaking TPP Copyright Rules

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This almost seems part of a power transition from government to multi-national corporations. Jordan Pearson reports in Motherboard:

Canada is the most-sued country under international free trade agreements that make it possible for private companies to sue governments for billions of dollars if a law threatens to hurt their profits. Now more legal trouble could be on the way under the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership, the massive international trade deal that loops in 12 countries amounting to 40 percent of the world’s GDP, was released on Thursday after seven years of negotiations carried out entirely in secret.

Experts say that a stipulation in the investment chapter of the TPP means that lawsuits from foreign corporations—Hollywood studios and device manufacturers like Apple or Samsung, for example—are on the way for Canada, especially over issues like device hacking, tinkering, and digital piracy.

The chapter states that intellectual property rights are one of the grounds a company can sue a government over, which is too bad, because the IP chapter is a fucking mess. For example, if Apple took issue with Canada’s laws that say it’s okay to bypass Apple’s digital “locks” on the iPhone so you can switch carriers, it would have grounds for a lawsuit.

“Something that might get Canada in trouble very directly is if any company not based in Canada says they don’t want this cell phone unlocking thing that you allow in your copyright law, and that the CRTC now actually requires companies to let you do,” Tamir Israel, a staff lawyer for the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, told me in an interview.

“That’s one specific example where if we get sued over that,” Israel continued, “we’ll have to go to an international tribunal and prove to them that the competitive landscape in Canada requires this, and it’s almost 50/50 as to what they’ll say.”

Another example: . . .

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In the meantime: Obama Signs Official Letter of Intent to Join the TPP

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5 November 2015 at 4:46 pm

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