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Emails Show Michigan Aides Worried About Flint’s Water a Year Before Acting

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They knew they were poisoning Flint residents and they did nothing. Why is this not leading to criminal prosecutions? Monica Davey and Julia Bosman report in the NY Times:

A full year before the state took significant action, some top aides to Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan were alarmed at the quality of Flint’s water, with a lawyer for the governor calling the notion of drinking it “downright scary,” newly released emails show.

By the time state authorities did act to protect Flint’s residents in October, the water supply was so contaminated — and lead levels so high — that residents are still being advised not to drink from their taps.

The concerns of Mr. Snyder’s aides are evident in thousands of internal emails made public on Friday, adding to a volume of correspondence that Mr. Snyder, state agencies and others have released in the aftermath of the Flint crisis. The new emails offer the clearest sense yet of what those who work for Governor Snyder knew about Flint’s water crisis as it unfolded since the city switched water supplies in 2014, in part to save money.

They also raise new questions about why it took Mr. Snyder’s administration so long to act, despite a high level of alarm among officials — though no evidence that they passed their concerns onto the governor.

Also evident is the officials’ tendency to focus more on avoiding bad publicity over the issue than on mounting questions about the water itself.

In talking points that aides prepared for the governor in early 2015, . . .

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28 February 2016 at 8:58 am

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