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How meme-rich environments prosper

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I blogged earlier today on how Facebook is a simplified sort of blog with lots of social connections and ease of sharing built in. You may lose some aspects—those that blogging has and Facebook lacks—but Facebook is clearly a much better environment for meme replication than are a bunch of blogs, and a meme-supportive environment makes Facebook (itself a memeplex) prosper.

I’m watching Banshee and in Season 2, Episode 9, two cops are talking about a third cop meting out rough justice by beating up the White Supremacists who insulted, taunted, ultimately knocked down and then kicked the wife, causing her to miscarry.

So the two are discussing what he did, and the Sheriff explains that, as distinct from retail court justice, the true justice in some cases is for the victim to mete out the punishment to the victimizers: “taking justice for yourself, in your own two hands, is true justice.”

And I thought that it’s much the same thing. The justice described may work with isolated tribes, but in urban areas it would be a disaster, and so we get the simplified and centralized system of courts and juries and laws. It is not individualized as true justice, but it serves as retail justice in larger populations and enables a routine process of making legal decisions and recording the findings centrally.

I bet this “simplification in order to translate some individualized, tribal-level social memes into a larger society.

Written by LeisureGuy

7 June 2016 at 7:48 pm

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