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What a lede! The lede alone demolishes any pretense Paul Ryan might have of being awake, much less a wonk

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Amy Davidson wrote this lede to her New Yorker column:

“The comment about the judge the other day just was out of left field, from my mind,” Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, said Friday, on a Milwaukee radio show. He was referring to Donald Trump’s claim that Judge Gonzalo Curiel was not fit to preside over the Trump University fraud case because of his “Mexican heritage.” Trump has been saying things like that for twenty-five years. Yet, as Ryan would have it, his attack on Curiel comes like a ball thrown wildly, seemingly out of nowhere. Over the weekend, Trump also suggested that he wouldn’t trust Muslim judges. If Ryan didn’t see that one coming, the baseball metaphor he may actually be looking for is that of an infielder standing half asleep in the baselines, daydreaming about his own glory, as a runner comes barrelling at him. He’s about to slide hard.

Read the whole column.

Written by LeisureGuy

7 June 2016 at 11:44 am

Posted in Congress, Election, GOP

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