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Things that make sense as soon as you think about them

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I blogged earlier about how some things we didn’t understand correctly suddenly snap into focus and make sense when we think of them the right way. The example I used was how we didn’t picture the intricate turbulence patterns in Jupiter’s atmosphere, but as soon as we see photos, we think, “Oh, yeah. Turbulence. Of course.”

And later I blogged a link to an article in the NY Times about how PTSD is a physical affliction rather than a psychological problem, caused by physical damage due to exposure to the high-intensity blast from military explosives. And again: of course such an exposure would do physical damage to the interior of our bodies, including our brains, because the shock wave simply moves from traveling through the air to traveling through the jelly-like consistency of our body, wrecking things as the energy goes through us. The article describes the damage to the brain and its intricacy of neuronic connections, and as we think about the propagation of the shock wave through the interior of the body, we think, “Of course: sending a disruptive shock wave through a body and thus through the brain is indeed going to cause some serious damage.”

Written by LeisureGuy

15 June 2016 at 2:01 pm

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