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Why can’t political commentators understand why Bernie continues to campaign?

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It seems evident to me that, all through his campaign, Bernie Sanders has stated repeatedly that he wants a political change in the US, a change in which people everywhere become involved in politics to push policies that benefit the public, not just corporations. He has called this “a political revolution,” and it would indeed be a big change in a country where most people do not participate in politics even to the extent of voting, much less organizing in groups, holding meetings, and pushing elected officials to enact policies that benefit the public and rein in corporate power.

That sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight, and by definition it is not a matter of putting a particular person in power. Instead, it’s a matter of getting a lot of people involved in politics. That’s his goal, and so naturally he continues to work toward it, talking to people, giving speeches, traveling across the country. It looks like running for office, but that’s because running for office is an effective platform for informing and mobilizing people.

So he continues to work toward the overall goal of changing the way American politics works. Why is that so difficult for pundits to grasp? The fact that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee is to some extent beside the point. Even if she is the nominee, Bernie still wants people to rise up in the Democratic party, take the reins of power, and drive it toward more progressive policies instead of focusing on protecting corporations from accountability and promoting corporate power.

Written by LeisureGuy

24 June 2016 at 9:32 am

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