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Why the iKon X3 debut has been delayed

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I recently emailed iKon razors about the X3. My message was not to urge that it be soon brought to market—a second’s reflection will, I think, make anyone realize that of course iKon must doing everything it can to release the razor since it’s only then they can start to get a return on their development investment. Rather, my point in writing was to provide them another data point on likely demand based on various comments I’ve seen on my blog and in threads on Wicked Edge, in the hope that iKon will make the initial production run large enough so that the razor doesn’t immediately go out of stock.

I found the reply quite interesting. You’ll recall that my own X3 is a prototype, and I was told that iKon made a final adjustment to that design, and the adjustment is what delayed the razor. Here is the email I received:

Right after sending you the test sample we did another mod to the X3 to tighten up the blade play inherent in most torqued slants. This meant rebuilding the tooling and then more R&D after the next hard sample came out, so we are now completing the final design production and not in any way rushing these to market.

Surely you have noticed the main complaints with torqued slants are setting the blade alignment, so we did something unique design-wise and got the blade alignment tolerance down to almost 0. This will promote ease of use and should establish the X3 as the most user-friendly of the torqued slants on the market.

I found this interesting, especially the phrase “we are now completing the final design production,” which gives me hope that the release date draws nigh.

FWIW, I have not noticed any blade-alignment problems or requirements in my prototype: I just slap in the blade and start shaving, with no need to tinker with alignment. But it does sound as though the production version will be even more precise in blade control.

Thought you would be interested, so I obtained permission from iKon to share the email.

Written by LeisureGuy

26 June 2016 at 7:40 am

Posted in Shaving

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