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Federal judge rules (in effect) that you have no right to privacy in your home if it has a front or back door

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Radley Balko notes:

Federal judge says there’s no right to privacy on a computer that’s connected to the Internet, apparently because computers sometimes get hacked.

That’s from today’s links, as is the previous post. A few others:

  • Today in the militarization of everything: “Yet, research uncovered a multi-million-dollar program for HHS ‘Office of Inspector General Special Agents’ that used a sophisticated military-style weapons platform with Special Forces contractors training the agents on domestic special operations.”
  • Video shows South Carolina police officer firing seven shots into a car as it slowly drives away.
  • Federal air marshals say they routinely put innocent people on a watch list in order to meet monthly quotas. [This is why the ACLU and other progressives oppose using the No-Fly list to ban gun sales. It would be better to ban the No-Fly list since it has no due process associated with it. – LG]

Written by LeisureGuy

27 June 2016 at 2:26 pm

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