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The appeal of narcissists: why do we love people who’d rather love themselves?

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Jean Hannah Edelstein has an article in the Guardian that will be of great interest to anyone who’s been involved with a narcissist. Even if you haven’t, it’s worth reading as a precautionary measure. The conclusion of the article:

Despite the trouble they have with emotional vulnerability, narcissists tend to surround themselves with people – they’ve always got lots of friends, acquaintances, professional contacts. Is there anything more appealing that having someone with a million friends – who’s the life of the party, who’s made it clear that all kinds of people want to spend time with them – pay attention to you? Maybe you’re very special. Until they decide that you’re not that special anymore. The narcissist feeds on attention, and once (s)he has sucked you dry, it’s on to the next.

It can take a while to determine that a prospective romantic partner is a narcissist. But if you get the inkling that they might be, here’s a trick: ask them. If they are, they’ll say yes.

Written by LeisureGuy

27 June 2016 at 2:31 pm

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