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Comparing brushes, and the Wunderbar returns

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SOTD 2016-07-02

A discussion in Wicked Edge made me bring out two of my synthetic brushes for a comparison: the black Satin Tip and the Omega S10005. I expected that the Omega would feel softer because of its greater loft, evident in the photo. But, as I occasionally point out, our expectations are unreliable guides, and in the event the Satin Tip felt softer (thus, I imagine, the name). The Omega was slightly more scritchy, as is appropriate for “synthetic boar,” which is what Omega called this at one point.

Both brushes did a fine job for me, but as you know, in shaving what works well for one may not work at all for another, and the reason I was wanting to return to the S10005 was a comment on WE from one who had found the brush unusable. Whether it was his soap, his water, his technique, or some combination, he simply could not get the brush to work at all.

For me, OTOH, the S10005 is a wonderful brush, quite good—though not quite so soft as the Satin Tip. Both brushes made a fine lather from the Tabac, and both performed admirably, just with slightly different feels, both pleasant.

The Wunderbar returns, and today it has an Astra Superior Platinum blade. It felt more comfortable than previously, and I had no difficulties in getting a BBS result with no nicks. Some of it is likely due to the blade, but some also is that learning does seem to consolidate and strengthen in fallow periods. Williams James notes in Psychology, in the chapter on Habit, that we learn ice-skating in the summer and bicycle riding in the winter: during the periods in which we are inactive after practicing a new skill for a while, we seem to grow better at the skills, as though neural pathways are growing stronger. [This, BTW, is the reason for the “week off” when trying something new: use it a week, skip it a week, use it another week is the routine I suggest. The week off in the middle of the process is to allow the skill to integrate and settle.]

At any rate, I enjoyed thee Wunderbar today, and I have a fine shave to show for it.

A good splash of Tabac, and the long weekend starts to unfold.

Written by LeisureGuy

2 July 2016 at 10:27 am

Posted in Shaving

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