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Can New York Be Saved in the Era of Global Warming?

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The future for New York City, given the inability of the human race to take any effective action against global warming, looks grim, but of course New York City is just one among hundreds of cities that will be affected by rising sea levels. This is all well known (and strongly denied by the GOP, which in some instances has made it against the law to refer to climate change or sea-level rise, as in North Carolina), but the details of the New York City case are interesting. Jeff Goodell reports in Rolling Stone:

It’s a bright spring day in New York, with sunlight dancing on the East River and robins singing Broadway tunes. I’m walking along the sea wall on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with Daniel Zarrilli, 41, the head of New York’s Office of Resilience and Recovery – basically Mayor Bill de Blasio’s point man for preparing the city for the coming decades of storms and sea-level rise. Zarrilli is dressed in his usual City Hall attire: white shirt and tie, polished black shoes. He has short-cropped gray hair, dark eyes and an edgy I’ve-got-a-job-to-do manner. Zarrilli may be the only person in the world who holds in his head the full catastrophe of what rising seas and increasingly violent storms mean to the greatest city in America. Not surprisingly, instead of musing about the beautiful weather, he points to the East River, where the water is innocently bouncing off the sea wall about six feet below us. “During Sandy,” he says, darkly, “the storm surge was about nine feet above high tide. You and I would be standing in about four feet of water right now.”

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Also interesting is the sidebar to the article: Did Exxon Lie About Global Warming?

Written by LeisureGuy

11 July 2016 at 9:19 am

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