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Does this count as an instance of Godwin’s Law? (Clickbait to get you to read important article)

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This post by Kevin Drum at Mother Jones really is a must-read, I think. And I would even say it’s somewhat urgent.

And politicians who take that tack draw supporters, people intoxicated by the prospect that they will be allowed to do whatever they want—indeed, in some cases required to do what they want, so they can say they were just following orders. And what they want is not good. Or at least that’s been the case at times.

Do read the post and ponder it a while.

Here’s the concluding paragraph:

I’m not scared that America is such a hotbed of racial resentment that it’s about to implode. But I’m increasingly scared that Donald Trump can make it seem that way, and that the press—always in search of a dramatic narrative—will go off in search of ways to leverage this into more eyeballs, more clicks, and more paid subscriptions. There’s still time for us all to decide we should handle this differently. But that time is running out.

This other column by Kevin Drum is also worth reading.

Written by LeisureGuy

13 July 2016 at 1:13 pm

Posted in Election, GOP

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