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Cliven Bundy and his followers vs. Micah Johnson (Dallas sniper) and Gavin Long (Baton Rouge sniper)

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A common theme of the NRA and some outspoken open-carry enthusiasts is that guns should be allowed so that people can take up arms against the government should the government displease them. Indeed, the threat to government officials (including police) by Cliven Bundy and his followers in that standoff, and by his son and followers in the Wisconsin standoff, was explicit: they were willing to fire upon the officials and die in their cause (and one did).

And yet: I don’t see the same enthusiasm for the anti-government actions taken by Micah Johnson and Gavin Long, not even by the NRA or the open-carry crowd. They constantly talk about the importance of using their guns to fight the government, but when someone does exactly that, they are horrified.

Well, not horrified when Cliven Bundy and other white men do it, but when African-Americans do it, the rhetoric is abandoned.

It sure seems that the NRA and the far Right are racist.

FWIW, I opposed the Wyoming and Wisconsin standoffs by Bundy and his men, and I opposed the snipers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. I do understand what triggers the latter: the fact that police officers can gun down innocent black men and suffer no consequences for doing it. I imagine the feeling is that if the courts will not do it, then individuals must.

One thing that would help a lot is for the competent and compassionate dedicated police officers (who are by far the great majority) would stop protecting the incompetent, angry, aggressive, racist officers. The latter are stirring up trouble for the former.

Written by LeisureGuy

18 July 2016 at 12:54 pm

Posted in Law Enforcement

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