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White folks nonsense roundup

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Excellent video via this article:

I recently realized that privilege (whether white privilege, class privilege, economic privilege, whatever) is like good health: when you have it, you’re not really conscious of the benefits, but when you don’t have it, the cost of not having it is painfully evident every day and often every hour. You become totally conscious of the lack, but if you should regain it or acquire it, it soon becomes “natural” and you no longer really notice it.

It deals with assumptions from experience. When you pick up the telephone (I’m still a landline guy), you hear a dial tone. But if that dial tone doesn’t come on within 1 second, it’s jarring, and a three second wait means something is seriously wrong. The thing we’re accustomed to is an instant dial tone, and as white people, or people privileged by class or wealth, the daily experience feels “natural,” and any interruption of that is highly threatening: it feels as though the world is slipping out of control.

Written by LeisureGuy

19 July 2016 at 7:54 pm

Posted in Daily life, Video

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