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Otoko Organics with an S-Brush and the Above the Tie S1 slant

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SOTD 2016-07-25

The Omega S-10005 synthetic was easily load with Otoko Organics, beginning with a damp brush and brushing the puck briskly for about 10 seconds. Once I applied that initial load of lather to the face, I added a driblet of water to the brush and worked up the lather, which blossomed nicely. I think this lather has somewhat less cushion than a lather from a regular (and good) shaving soap, but it’s perfectly usable and I enjoy the clean fragrance, which I think is from the pear essence in the formula.

I haven’t use my Above the Tie S1 head for a while, mounted here on a UFO handle. It does a fine job, though I think now it’s just a little less comfortable than the iKon X3 and 102. Certainly it’s a good razor, and I’ll want to compare again: some of that might be due to the lather. Maybe I’ll use it again tomorrow with a regular soap lather.

I finished the shave with a splash of Pinaud’s Lilac Vegetal, whose fragrance improves remarkably after it has been on my face for 20-30 minutes. The initial hit is strong, and some do not like that, but it calms down and smells better after a few minutes.

Written by LeisureGuy

25 July 2016 at 7:59 am

Posted in Shaving

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