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Rooney Finest, Nuávia Rossa, RazoRock Old Type, and Shave Den Patchouli Rose

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SOTD 2016-08-06

An extremely good shave today. A generous reader sent me a sample of Nuávia Rossa shaving soap made by PannaCrema, which makes two other fragrances, Blu and Verde. It’s an expensive soap, but it does indeed make an excellent lather.

I am unfamiliar with PannaCrema, but I note that under “Razors” they have only two on offer: a Luci Pizzi straight razor ($495.09) and the Rockwell 6S (which they list at $132.02). They also sell one brand of blade: Personna Platinum Chrome. They seem to favor excellent products carefully selected than the usual approach of a broad array of products of varying levels of quality.

The soap uses a short list of ingredients: vegetal stearic acid, coconut oil, shea butter, calendula extract and added glycerine. They note: “More importantly is what Nuàvia does not contain. There’s no palm oil, no sodium hydroxide, no surfactants, no colorants, no preservatives, no parabens, no mineral oils, no petroleum derivatives, no tetrasodium EDTA, no tetrasodium etidronate, no titanium dioxide, no benzyl benzoate. Nuàvia is not tested on animals and it is not made with milled ready-made soap pellets.”

I like that last point, that “it is not made with milled ready-made soap pellets.” I read that when tuna was first sold in cans, salmon was already a well-established canned fish (and to many, salmon tastes much better than tuna). So the tuna canners were desperate to offer something “better” about tuna vs. salmon, and they hit on the slogan, “Guaranteed not to turn pink in the can.”

I mashed some into a bowl, and with the Rooney Finest had no trouble in getting a very nice lather indeed. The fragrance is pleasant: “the top notes are woody, middle notes are woody and oriental, then there’s amber in the tail.” The Wife liked it as well. The lather was quite thick and creamy.

I used my RazoRock Old Type, an extremely good razor that costs only $15. Because of performance and price, this is my newest standard razor recommendation for a novice. I noticed this morning that the head design encourages use of a good angle, another benefit for the novice.

Three passes, BBS result. Given Nuávia’s claim that “Nuàvia has three different functions: pre-shave, pro-shave, and after-shave,” I think I could have simply wiped my shaved face on the towel and required no aftershave, and I’ll try that next time, but today I used a splash from the sample of The Shave Den‘s Patchouli Rose aftershave. (This has no menthol, which I like, but The Shave Den does sell menthol crystals so you methol-heads can mentholize any of your aftershaves.

Altogether a great way to start the weekend, and my thanks to the kindhearted person who sent me the sample.

UPDATE: A reader, Don H., emailed me to say thatPastuer’s Pharmacy in New York sells Nuávia shaving soap for $52.00. They do phone orders (he suggests that you ask for Janet), and says that they are very helpful and ship fast.

And another update: the gentleman who sent me the sample above points out that Handlebar Supply has all of the Nuávia soaps for $62 including shipping.

Written by LeisureGuy

6 August 2016 at 11:40 am

Posted in Shaving

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