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US is No. 1! — in calories/day. Ties for No. 2 in obesity.

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This chart shows the macronutrient consumption, and the table that accompanies the chart can be sorted on any column. US average per capita calorie consumption per day is 3770; number 2 is Austria (3760) and then Greece at 3700. Egypt is relatively low (3160 calories/person/day), but Egypt has a higher obesity rate than the U.S.: 33.1% for Egypt, 33% for the US.

One explanation might be that Egyptians get 73% of their calories from carbohydrates, the US gets 49% from carbs. (These figures are from the first chart.) Of course, Ethiopia has a 1.1% obesity rate while getting 79% of calories from carbs, but Ethiopians on average consume only 1950 calories per person per day: not enough spare calories to contribute to obesity.

Saudi Arabia also presents a puzzle: 3130 calories/person/day, 64% of calories from carbs, obesity rate 33%. That’s the same obesity rate as the US (and Egypt, the US, and Saudi Arabia have the highest obesity rates in the world), but the US calorie consumption is higher (3770 calories/person/day, 49% of calories from carbs.

But take a look at the chart show prevalence of diabetes: Saudi Arabia is No. 1 here with 23.4%, Egypt has 16.6%, and the US is 9.4%.

Mexico has a diabetes rate of 15.6%, with calories consumption at 3250/person/day, 62% from carbs. Mexico’s obesity rate is 32.1%, which is close to the US.

You can spend a fair amount of time looking at the differences among nations. The first chart, which allows sorting, is quite useful.

Carb consumption as a percentage of daily calories tends to be high in nations where daily calorie consumption is low because carbohydrates are a relatively inexpensive source of calories.

Thanks to Quebec Steve for pointing out the charts.

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24 August 2016 at 9:49 am

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