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Some people find knowledge helpful, others find it confusing

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Just trying to get deeper into the Trump mindset: it struck me that his yuuge lack of knowledge is not because he lacks intelligence, it’s because he doesn’t really like knowledge. For one thing, there are all the details, and our Donald is not a detail kind of guy. And it’s not just details here and there: knowledge seems to consist of nothing but details.

Plus it’s confusing because when you really believe something and you get some knowledge that contradicts that, what’s up with that?! Obviously your own beliefs are absolutely central—for one thing, they are yours, not some third-hand belief from some scientist you’ve never even heard of, so how important can he be? Not very, since the Donald practically swims in (and fawns over) people he views as important, unless they happen to disagree with one of his beliefs, in which case they are losers, and anyway he was being sarcastic, for God’s sake!

If knowledge from someone conflicts with one of my own beliefs, a part of me, then too bad for knowledge.

So Trump doesn’t have knowledge because he doesn’t like knowledge and even more doesn’t like how it makes for confusion, which is very unpleasant. Get rid of knowledge, stick to beliefs, and you’ll be a lot more comfortable, particularly if you stick with people who have the same outlook. They really love him.

Written by LeisureGuy

28 August 2016 at 11:33 am

Posted in Education, Election, GOP, Science

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