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Destroying our future at the behest of corporations

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The Environmental Protection Agency and other federal authorities warned that building an oil pipeline crossing the Missouri River could “affect the primary source of drinking water for much of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Tribal nations.” The Army Corps of Engineers dismissed the concerns. Instead, the agency approved the pipeline, relying for reassurance on an environmental assessment from the pipeline’s developer.

Good for the meme—bad for the environment, but memes are focused on their own survival and reproduction in their own fight for survival (among memes). So too bad for the drinking water: not the meme’s problem.

Note this is an action by the Obama administration. You understand why one might have certain reservations about that administration.

The headline at the link: “Dakota Pipeline Was Approved by Army Corps Over Objections of Three Federal Agencies”.

Update: Just to be clear, the memeplex that is determined to ruin the drinking water has evolved in an environment in which survival is strongly linked to profit, and so growing profits is essential to the meme’s survival. The drinking water is not. So naturally one gets lots of attention and the other is irrelevant.

Written by LeisureGuy

3 September 2016 at 12:31 pm

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