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Is it suspicious that essentially every climatologist believes that anthrogenic global warming is real?

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Isn’t such unanimity suspicious in itself, evidence of a conspiracy. No, not if what they believe is true, in which case it’s what actually is happening (for everyone—that would be why they would agree). And once conspiracies get very large at all, weak links give way and all—or a lot— is revealed.

Notice that you find a similar level of consensus among astronomers on the idea that the Sun is much larger than the Earth, which seems odd, given that any dern fool can clearly see every day that the Sun is quite small: just look at it! Duh. “I don’t pretend to know a lot of fancy science, but by God I know what I [choose to] see!”

But still scientists agree that the Sun is larger; it must be a hoax doubtless aimed at getting enormous grants of taxpayer money for…  for… something!

Step 1: Fool people into thinking sun is larger (or globe is warming due to human activity).
Step 2: ??
Step 3: Profit!!

In fact, I think we all agree on that. But for some reason, a great number of Americans will not accept the science, despite having no facts with which to argue. (Easy refutations of denialist arguments are numerous (since each argument must be repeatedly refuted) and easy to find on the Web, along with much evidence: e.g., GooGle “maximum global temperature by year.” Notice a pattern?

All this was brought to mind when I updated this post, which for some reason is perennially popular. I added a link to the NY Times feature article on how coastal flooding is rapidly (rapidly: just over the space of a decade, maybe less) increasing. Note the new roadside rulers to show water depth: never needed those before. And indeed, did not need them until quite recently: they’re new.

But nothing dents the convictions of the denialist. I, personally, think it’s due to lack of training in critical thinking skills, and indeed in some states where denialism runs high (Texas), the state board of education specifically forbids the teaching of critical thinking skills, since such skills are (rightly, I admit) viewed as a liberal thing. Liberal, but also liberating.

Written by LeisureGuy

5 September 2016 at 12:16 pm

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