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Simpson Case, Meißner Tremonia Woody Almond, Maggard Slant, and Chatillon Lux Grigiot League Square

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SOTD 2016-09-16

I decided to use the Simpson case, at one time the Wee Scot 3 (the current Wee Scot being the Wee Scot 2 and an even more wee brush the Wee Scot 1). Meißner Tremonia’s Woody Almond shaving paste has a heady fragrance and makes a fine lather.

As you see, I bought the Maggard handle whose finish matches the finish of the slant (and the V3A). I actually turn out not to like the handle all that much: too long, too slender, too smooth—but it does look nice. However, I’m going back to the MR11 handle next time.

Three passes, no nicks, perfecty smooth finish, but this time is was clearer: for me the X3 is somewhat more comfortable.

A good splash of Grigiot League Square aftershave from Chatillon Lux, and I’m ready to finish off the week. For some reason, the fragrance of Grigiot League Square reminds me of a hair product.

Written by LeisureGuy

16 September 2016 at 10:32 am

Posted in Shaving

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