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A sign of something very bad: Indian woman stabbed more than 20 times in broad daylight. Video shows passersby doing nothing.

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What’s worse, he had already attacked her previously, and she and her family filed a police complaint—but at the request of the perp’s parents, the complaint was withdrawn. They promised that he would stop stalking (and attacking) the woman.

Here’s the report.

That seems like a warning indicator of cultural movement in a bad direction, and that is not the only indicator of things gone wrong: look at the US criminal justice system. Instances can be found across the globe, in all cultures—look at the Sunnis and the Shiites, for example. It’s as though some unease were rippling though all cultures.

UPDATE: Police killings are a problem, and not just in the US: look at the Philippines or at Brazil or …. it’s a long list. So Alice Speri’s article on 8 policies that can prevent police killings is of more than passing interest.

UPDATE: Another example. Also, those posts earlier today about Wells Fargo and the breakdown of responsibility: regulators not doing their job, manager who ran the con retiring with multi-million-dollar reward.

In a nutshell, our institutions (across all countries and cultures) are failing at their assigned tasks, and it’s global. I’d say that was a crisis. In the US, look at: Congress, enforcement of law (and Constitutional rights), … again, it’s a long list. Maybe we’ve simply reached the limit of what human culture can do in terms of its organizations. And I doubt that AI will rescue us.

UPDATE: Read this Trump Time Capsule entry from today by James Fallows.

UPDATE: And don’t forget the new business model of profits above all—cf. the Epipen gouge. (Link is to hearings held today.)

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21 September 2016 at 12:40 pm

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