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The Wee Scot and Asses’ Milk shaving soap, with the iKon H2O and Grog aftershave

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SOTD 2016-09-21

A very nice shave indeed. You may have noticed that I am liking my Wee Scot a lot these days. I have no idea how it has fared under Vulfix ownership, but mine was purchased a decade ago, while Simpson was still independent, and it’s a wonderful little brush. It easily worked up an excellent lather from the Asses’ Milk shaving soap shown, and lathering with it put me in a good mood for the shave.

The iKon H2O is a two-piece razor like the Pils, in which the handle is attached to the baseplate with a roller bearing so the handle can turn while the baseplate remains fixed (and vice versa, of course), so tightening the razor feels exactly like tightening a three-piece razor. This is an asymmetric model—comb guard on one side, bar guard on the other—but the sides are well matched for comfort and efficiency, so I use it like a regular razor.

Three passes, BBS with no problems, and then a good splash of Tallow + Steel’s Grog aftershave.

A great way to start the day, this shaving thing.

Written by LeisureGuy

21 September 2016 at 7:47 am

Posted in Shaving

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