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Evangelicals slammed Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct. So why does Trump get a pass?

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Lesley Clark and David Lightman report in McClatchy:

In the 1990s, many evangelicals were adamant that Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs were ruining America.

“We are facing a profound moral crisis,” James Dobson, a longtime Christian right activist and founder of Focus on the Family, said at the time.

Now faced with the candidacy of Donald Trump, a thrice-married man who bragged about sexually forcing himself on unwilling women, some evangelical leaders, notably older men, are saying this is different.

“Donald Trump is not a perfect man, but he is pro-life,” Dobson told McClatchy. “To my knowledge, Donald Trump has never abused women physically or had oral sex in the Oval Office with a vulnerable intern.”

That kind of approach is opening a split within the religious community. Younger evangelicals and women express dismay with the older, mostly male church leaders who have elected to stand with Trump.

Beth Moore, a prominent evangelical author and founder of Houston-based Living Proof Ministries, struck a nerve when she said via Twitter that she was among the “many women” who had been “sexually abused, misused, stared down, heckled (and) talked naughty to.”

And she seemingly chastised the religious leaders who were sticking with Trump.

“Try to absorb how acceptable the dis-esteem and objectifying of women has been when some Christian leaders don’t think it’s that big a deal,” she said.

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12 October 2016 at 5:42 pm

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