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A careful shave and a smooth result: Chiseled Face brush, Stirling combination, and the Maggard slant

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SOTD 2016-10-13

I really like this Chiseled Face brush, made of a treated wood with a synthetic knot. It was available only briefly, but in addition to feel and performance, I really like the look of the brush. And it made a fine lather from my Stirling Executive Man and Sharp-Dressed Man combination. The soap performs very well, and the fragrance is very nice though not so special that I would prefer it to either of its components.

I used the Maggard slant head on the UFO handle shown. I got quite a smooth shave with only one nick, but I find that for me the Maggard slant demands more care and attention than I like to give. (I do understand that some enjoy demanding razors.) There’s quite a bit of blade feel, and it feels as though it will quickly nick if you do not use very light pressure and watch the angle—and perhaps even if you do: I was being quite careful and watchful and still got a good nick on my upper lip. On the whole, I prefer the iKon 102 or X3. OTOH, the Maggard head is just $20 compared to $45 or $35 respectively for the iKon heads. Still, as I pare down the collection, this will not be for me a keeper.

A good splash (multiple sprays in the palm) of Chiseled Face’s Santa Paula Citrus, and the day begins.

Written by LeisureGuy

13 October 2016 at 9:46 am

Posted in Shaving

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