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Vie-Long badger+horse brush, B&M Leviathan, and the Fine slant

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SOTD 2016-10-17

Vie-Long’s badger+horsehair brushes are denser than horsehair along, and also tend to have a grey color. I had several, but found that in general I prefer horsehair by itself. Still, I kept one, and this morning I enjoyed it. Make the lather was quite easy, thanks to the high quality of both brush and soap, and I did a good job of working the lather into my stubble, enjoying the process.

I did not do such a good job in the shave: the first pass was fine, but the second pass produced several nicks, a couple of them fairly big. I don’t know what’s happening. Maybe I’ve become accustomed to the comfort and reluctance to nick of the iKon 102 and X3 and have let my technique slip somewhat. Maybe I’ll just stick with those (and so far the Merkur 37G, The Holy Slant’s SR-71, and the Above the Tie are well behaved, but I have had problems with the Fine (today), the Phoenix Artisan Bakelite (the last time I used it), and the Maggard slants. I want them to work, but one can’t force that.

My face at least was smooth. Alum block held against the nicks stopped some, others required My Nik Is Sealed and some time.

A good splash of Leviathan aftershave, and I’m going to mull whether the slant department will have some layoffs.

Written by LeisureGuy

17 October 2016 at 9:43 am

Posted in Shaving

3 Responses

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  1. Slants have never appealed to me due to their asymetrical nature, and trying to control the proper blade angle to reduce ingrown hairs. However, I am now coveting the iKon 102 head. I like its humpback appearance. It looks like it has an intuitive blade angle. I’ll be ordering one in the coming weeks, and I’ll let you know my impressions.


    17 October 2016 at 10:06 am

  2. Michael, I’ll confess and say I had the same experience with the Fine slant. As much as I wanted to like it, it did not feel that comfortable for me and was somewhat prone to nicks if I was off in the slightest. I compare this to the #102 which gives smooth, irritation free shaves for me, especially on my neck, with a much more forgiving nature. The X3 seems to sit in the middle for me as of now. I need to use it more, to develop good muscle memory before I let it go.


    17 October 2016 at 10:31 am

  3. @Ryan: the twisted blade slants are symmetrical in that both sides look the same (blade slants down toward the right), but the 102 is definitely asymmetrical: when viewed from the side, one end is higher than the other and the blade slants down to the right on one side, down to the left on the other. I suspect that part of the motivation for twisting the blade was to make the razor look “better” (more symmetrical) when viewed from the side. (I know the idea that twisting the blade increases rigidity, but I can’t detect any difference. Still, I like the 102 a lot for its feel and performance (and, truth be told, for its quirky appearance). I’ll be interested to hear about your experience. Note these 3 pointers.

    @Alex: yeah, I think I’m going to see the slants that require attention.


    17 October 2016 at 11:09 am

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