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Of the low-cost slants, the RazoRock German 37 is best for me

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SOTD 2016-10-24

Several inexpensive slants are now on the market. In alphabetic order, they are the Fine Superlite slant ($30), the Maggard slant ($20 for the head), the Phoenix Artisan Bakelite slant ($20), and the RazoRock German 37 ($20 for complete razor (currently sold out), $12 for the head alone (currently still available)).

The best of these for me is the German 37, shown in the photo above. The Fine, Maggard, and Phoenix Artisan slants have given me good shaves in the past, but in the most recent experience with each of the three I got quite a few nicks. Obviously, the cause was some alteration in my technique, and those three seem more demanding than the German 37, which this morning delivered a really superb shave with absolutely no problems.

The head of the German 37 and the shave it delivers seems to me to replicate The Holy Black’s SR-71 slant and the Merkur 37C. All of those are quite comfortable for me, and very efficient. Still, my favorite slants are still the iKon X3 ($35 for the head alone, almost 3 times the cost of the German 37 head) and the iKon 102 ($45 for the head alone). Those, along with the Above the Tie S1 ($146 for the head alone: more than 12 times the cost of the German 37 head) seem the most comfortable and consistent. But the German 37 slant this morning was totally satisfying.

To begin at the beginning: After washing my stubble with MR GLO, as I always do, I applied a really excellent lather from Jabonman’s Eufros Vetiver de Haiti, which has an excellent vetiver fragrance. I used my Simpson Emperor 2 Super, and I have to say that the lathering was a pleasure: the fragrance, the quality of the lather, the feel of the brush on my face, and the wonderfully shaped handle—though still a bit groggy from sleep, I was awake enough to notice (and enjoy) all of those.

The German 37 is modeled after the (German) Merkur 37C, and it is a faithful model: very efficient, quite comfortable, and the result was a perfectly smooth face, no roughness detectable in any direction: the sort of shave one wants.

A good splash of Guerlain’s Vetiver EDT, and the week has an auspicious beginning.

UPDATE: A slant by Stirling Soap Company was briefly available as seconds, with a very low price. I didn’t want to get one of the seconds, since I would rather review a production version. The production version, so far as I know, has not yet reappeared and is not available. Thus it is not included in this review.

Written by LeisureGuy

24 October 2016 at 8:10 am

Posted in Shaving

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  1. I just recently got the German 37 slant, and I can’t praise it enough. Out all the Parker’s and Merkur’s I got the 37 slant is my favorite.

    Joe Sellers

    26 October 2016 at 9:29 pm

  2. I may have missed a post or two: has the first iKon slant gone out of favour or been superseded by the newer ones? I tried mine this morning and while it gives a great shave I just don’t like it. I try to like it, and want to like it, but I will put it back on the shelf again and leave alone for a few months.


    27 October 2016 at 6:08 am

  3. I have found that I had the same long-term response to the first iKon slant: it is quite comfortable in feel but it will nick (particularly on the XTG pass) unless used carefully with very light pressure. I have found the second and third iKon slants (the Shavecraft 102 and the Shavecraft X3) to be much better for me. In fact, I have my iKon stainless slant (with uncoated head) in a stack to sell.


    27 October 2016 at 10:14 am

  4. thanks for the reply. yes, it is the XTG pass that spoils it for me. Just doesn’t feel right. Maybe I need to buy a new iKon slant head. thanks again.

    Mark Mitchell

    27 October 2016 at 11:35 am

  5. I really like both the X3 and the !02, and for me they shave much the same. I’ve heard from others that they prefer the 102 or they prefer the X3, so it’s a bit of a mystery. From Maggard Razors, the 102 head is $45 and the X3 head is $35.

    If you get one, I’d be very interested to learn of your experience.


    27 October 2016 at 12:07 pm

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