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Law enforcement moments

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Radley Balko has a list of links in the Washington Post, such as these:

  • Dozens of deputies, FBI agents raid a man and his 7-year-old son, search the house for hours, apparently before realizing they had hit the wrong home. [This story shows quite clearly that the US is on the road to being a police state: police and FBI can destroy private property even without a warrant without being held accountable—and the poor homeowner just has to pay for the damage from his own pocket. I find this sort of thing both acutely depressing and frighteningly common. At the very least, it seems appropriate that, for each of the men in charge of this raid, have a large group of men break into his house, wreck everything, and leave it to him to deal with the mess. At least they would then know what it feels like. – LG]
  • Judge (again) rebukes Orange County officials for concealing evidence in ongoing jailhouse informant scandal.
  • The latest massive forensics scandal comes courtesy of the Ohio state crime lab.
  • Mississippi woman was held in jail for 96 days without charges — and no one has been held accountable for it.
  • Surprise! Company that has been spying on Baltimore from the air with permission from local officials violates its promise to only keep aerial surveillance data for 45 days.
  • Alabama lets police and prosecutors take pens, paper and phones into executions, but not attorneys for the condemned.

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31 October 2016 at 12:14 pm

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