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Jennifer Rubin a very conservative columnist, but she is obviously also perceptive and rational

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Here’s a list of her past columns. Today’s column begins:

Only the most churlish #NeverTrumpers fail to concede a debt to their fellow non-Republican citizens. Given their druthers, most Republicans would elect Donald Trump as leader of the free world — a large majority of them will regrettably vote for him. Sure, he got “only” a plurality of votes in the primary, but even after the field narrowed considerably, GOP primary voters over and over again chose him. In short, Republicans so failed in their public duty that their own party and certainly the country had to be saved by Americans who don’t think like they do.

A sobering thought, isn’t it? The part of the American electorate decent enough to reject Trump and Trumpism restores our faith in ordinary Americans. Not everyone has lost his mind in 2016. Once we acknowledge that, however, we are left with the inescapable reality that millions upon millions of Republicans thought a know-nothing misogynist and racist was fit to be president. In short, a good deal of Republicans have lost their minds.

Conservatives must now reconcile their revulsion over Trump and Trumpkins with their hope for a revived center-right movement. Put differently, are pro-Trump Republicans redeemable? . . .

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A later paragraph to show you what I mean:

Won’t that split the vote on the right, leaving Democrats in charge? Yup, but that’s what happens when the right loses the intellectual and moral wherewithal to govern. So long as the GOP remains the party of Trump, and so long as Trumpkin lackeys (exemplified by the ridiculously hypocritical Sen. Ted Cruz) hold the reins of authority, they hand responsibility for governance to Democrats.

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8 November 2016 at 2:07 pm

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