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A repo man gives an elderly couple a Thanksgiving to remember

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Sarah Larimer has a heartwarming report in the Washington Post:

From the beginning, Jim Ford said, he was reluctant about repossessing Pat and Stanford Kipping’s car.

Even though that was, obviously, the job.

Ford is a repo man, co-owner of Illini Recovery Inc., a company in Southern Illinois. And earlier this month, he was working a job involving the Kippings’ vehicle, a 1998 Buick, the Belleville News-Democrat reported. Instead of repo’ing the Buick, though, Ford decided to do something a little different.

He found a way to pay off the car — and return it to the couple.

“It was a miracle come true; we didn’t know what we were going to do,” Pat Kipping, 70, told the News-Democrat.

According to Ford, who spoke with The Washington Post by phone, this all unfolded after he received the order to pick up the car from a credit union.

Ford said he looked at the past due amount, which was about $350, and the payment amount, which was $95 a month.

Then, he headed out to Red Bud, Ill., where the car was. When he pulled down the street, he noticed a police officer, who told him that the vehicle was owned by an elderly couple.

“I was like, aw man,” Ford said.

He drove to the couple’s home and spotted the car but decided he wasn’t going to disturb Pat and Stanford Kipping at that hour.

The next day, he called up the couple and told them to contact their bank to try to work something out. Later, though, Pat Kipping called back and told him that she didn’t have the money, and he needed to take the car.

Ford, believing that his hands were tied, again set out for the home. When he arrived, he played with the couple’s dog, he said. The Kippings invited him in. And he tried to soften the blow, telling them that they wouldn’t have to deal with extra fees from him.

“And [Stanford Kipping] is like ‘oh Jim, you’ve been so good to us, if I ever win the lottery, I’m going to split it with you, buddy,’” Ford said. “And I’m like, aw man. Really? This is getting worse rapidly. I had to get the hell out of there.”

After seizing the car, he made it about a block before he phoned a bank official.

“I said, ‘Hey, how about if I just pay this thing current right now?’” Ford said.

That didn’t exactly work out, though . . .

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24 November 2016 at 8:37 am

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