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How many Oscars will “La La Land” be nominated for? How many will it get?

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I am not going to miss this movie! Here’s a review.

From the review:

Contemporary American movies could use more s’wonderful, more music and dance, and way, way more surrealism. They’re too dull, too ordinary and too straight, whether they’re mired in superhero clichés or remodeled kitchen-sink realism. One of the transformative pleasures of musicals is that even at their most choreographed, they break from conformity, the dos and don’ts of a regimented life, suggesting the possibility that everyone can move to her own beat. It’s enormously pleasurable when an evening stroll turns into a rhythmic saunter and then bursts into dance — think of Gene Kelly walking, tapping, stomping and exulting in the rain.

I have but two questions:

a. for how many Oscars will it be nominated? (extra credit: name the categories)

b. how many Oscars will it win? (extra credit: name the categories)

FWIW, I loved Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and I think the idea is that a musical movie is (or can be) an experimental movie in mainstream drag is spot-on. The review provides several examples and there are many more.

And thinking of musicals as experimental films makes them much more interesting. Like in The Band Wagon, with three levels of fiction: the backstage story of the actors, the theater they’re doing (from which we see some numbers—see below), and then the dance fantasies set in their “real” (fictional) life. (Of course, Cervantes was here long ago.)

BTW, a colleague of The Wife’s has new babies: triplets. I immediately thought of this, of course:

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24 November 2016 at 2:41 pm

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