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Tcheon Fung Sing Tobacco Verde, the X3, and Phoenix Artisan Alt-Eleven balm

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SOTD 2016-11-28

A forum comment prompted me to bring out my Tcheon Fung Sing Tobacco Verde shaving soap, and since it’s an Italian soap, I used my Omega 20102 boar brush, now well broken in. I did the usual presoak, wetting the brush well under the hot-water tap and then letting it stand soaking wet while I showered (also soaking wet). Once ready to shave, I washed my stubble with MR GLO, then rewet the brush to warm it up, gave it a couple of good shakes, and brushed the soap briskly to load the brush.

Tcheon Fung Sing is not reluctant to lather, and the brush was quickly loaded. I then worked up the lather by palm-lathering—brushing my palm and extended fingers (squeeze together to make a platform), occasionally extending my fingers under the dribbling hot-water tap to add a little water, working that in, repeating that a couple of times.

The resulting lather was thick, held lots of water, and had a great fragrance and I worked it into my stubble. With the X3, shaving is for me a breeze: three quick and easy passes to a perfectly smooth and trouble-free result.

A rinse, dry, and dot of Phoenix Artisan’s Alt-Eleven balm, which also has a tobacco-flower fragrance, and the week is underway.


Written by LeisureGuy

28 November 2016 at 8:07 am

Posted in Shaving

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