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Winter recipe recommendation

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This pot roast recipe by Brett Anderson. Changes I made/will make:

Rutabaga: I omitted it this time, but think I’ll try it the next.

Carrots/parsnips: I followed the recipe ratio: 4/2 (carrots/parsnips). Next time I will go with 3/3.

I used avocado oil rather than canola oil, and the boneless pot roast was 4 lbs, not 3 lbs.

Otherwise I followed recipe faithfully, including the cooking times for the various steps—they were a bit longer than I would have naturally done, but a bit better as well, so I highly recommend you use your kitchen timer and give full measure to the various steps. If the recipe said “4 to 7 minutes,” for example, I went with 7 minutes.

I did use 7 oz tomato paste instead of 6 oz because the paste I buy comes in a 7 oz jar.

Really quite exceptional. Think of it as a stew in which you cut up the beef afterwards rather than before. After I removed the meat, I cut it into small bite-size pieces and returned it to the liquid, which becomes a (rich) stew.


Written by LeisureGuy

15 December 2016 at 6:46 pm

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