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Compare and contrast how President Obama and Governor McCrory approach yielding their office to a successor of the other party

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David Leonhardt writes in the NY Times:

President Obama and Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina don’t agree on many policy questions. But they have found themselves facing a similar political situation this year. And their very different reactions capture the deep — and alarming — differences between our two political parties right now.

Both Obama and McCrory essentially had their accomplishments on the ballot. McCrory, a Republican, was running for re-election. Obama wasn’t, but his chosen successor was running against a candidate who had personally demeaned him and promised to repeal his agenda.

As you’d expect, Obama and McCrory each campaigned hard. There, however, the similarities stopped. The differences have played out in three acts.

In the first act, before Election Day, Obama was faced with evidence that Russia was trying to help Donald Trump win. Obama erred on the side of nonpartisan caution, opting not to announce the C.I.A. findings on Russia’s motives. He was willing to use the presidential bully pulpit to criticize Trump, but not the levers of presidential power to disadvantage him.

McCrory went so far using his levers that a federal appeals court unanimously slapped him back. It threw out legislation he had signed to restrict voting access, saying it targeted African-Americans with “almost surgical precision” and “discriminatory intent.” Still, McCrory and his allies managed to take steps to make voting harder for many Democrats.

The mischief didn’t keep him from losing narrowly, and in the second act, McCrory initially refused to accept the outcome. He invented stories of “massive voter fraud” and spent weeks refusing to concede.

Meanwhile, Obama — despite Russia’s interference and Hillary’s Clinton’s popular-vote win — immediately congratulated Trump and announced “we are now all rooting for his success.”

The third act is happening now. Obama has instructed his staff to help Trump’s staff. McCrory has signed two bills that strip his successor, Roy Cooper, of some powers. . .

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20 December 2016 at 8:59 pm

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