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Wet Shaving Products Monarch, pre-reformulation Trumper Sandalwood, and the esteemed Dorco PL602

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SOTD 2016-12-30

Sandalwood is one of the fragrances that produces a skin reaction—skin turns red and hot for a few minutes—for some men, but thankfully does not affect me. This WSP Monarch did a fine job, and the lather was quite good.

The Dorco PL602 is well worth a try, and it’s not at all expensive. The user Fed_up_with_reddit remarked recently:

The PL-602 shaves like a Gillette adjustable on 4 or 5, but feels like a 1.

Three passes to a perfectly smooth finish, with no problems at all. The PL602 applies extreme curvature to the blade, just as does the RazoRock Baby Smooth, and since the two shave much alike, I suspect that curvature is the secret.

A good splash of TOBS Sandalwood finished the shave and left me feeling good about the day already.

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30 December 2016 at 8:40 am

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  1. The Dorco PL602 was my travel razor or the Holidays. It is so lightweight, and it packs easily. It would not be much of a loss if it was misplaced. I find it to be on the mild side which is not a bad thing when dealing with unfamiliar bathroom environs. I had to use three passes vs my usual two. However, they were three enjoyable passes! These are great to give newbies because of the lightweight, longish handle, and the curvature that the head puts on the blade, promotes a shave angle that is more similar to cartridges/ disposables, I believe. I think one would have to work hard to nick oneself even with a Feather.


    1 January 2017 at 8:09 am

  2. Note that the PL602 is adjustable. After tightening the razor fully, loosen it one quarter of a turn and see if that doesn’t enable you to do your usual two-pass shave. (Loosening the razor a fraction of a turn is the same technique used in the Merkur Progress and Parker Valiant adjustable razors. You don’t loosen it as much as a full turn, but just a fraction of a turn.)


    1 January 2017 at 8:31 am

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