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The Future Is Disappearing: Trump Administration Deletes WhiteHouse.Gov References to Climate Change, Civil Rights, Healthcare, LGBT Issues

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Chris Argyris wrote some good books about organizational culture and the challenges of creating a learning organization. He observed that such cultures vary in their taboos, but all had things that could not be discussed, nor could you discuss why you couldn’t discuss them. As an outside consultant, he brought up one such thing in a meeting, and one participant replied, “Now you’ve opened a can of worms,” but then no one would say anything more: it was something that in that organization’s culture could not be discussed.

That came to mind in reading this post by Maddy Myers at

President-elect Donald Trump has only just stepped into office today, and already, the effects of his administration can be seen on the official White House websites. Apparently those effects are, “delete all reference to the issues that this administration intends to ignore.”

According to Vice, the Trump administration has just deleted all references to climate change on the White House website. I’m pretty sure that if you delete all reference to it, climate change will just disappear! Cool! Except: no.

Also missing: the Department of Labor’s report on Advancing LGBT Workplace Rights, which now leads to a 404 error if you click on it.

Speaking of LGBT rights, or the lack thereof, the entire page for is now gone. If you click on that link, it’ll just take you to the homepage. All mentions of the term “LGBT” have been removed from the website entirely, and so have all mentions of the word “gay,” except for one sentence in which the word “gay” is used to mean “happy.”

What’s more, references to healthcare and civil rights have also disappeared from the website, according to The Daily Beast. The page on civil rights has been replaced with a page titled “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community,” which advocates for an increase in police forces. This page includes false information, such as “In our nation’s capital, killings have risen by 50 percent,” which–again–is false. Murder rates, and crime rates, have been steadily decreasing. . .

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We are entering the future, and it does not look good.

UPDATE: The NY Times report on the vanishing website pages.

Written by LeisureGuy

20 January 2017 at 12:49 pm

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