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Building walls all around—and walls that lock others out also lock us in

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As many in the Iron Curtain countries learned, walls are a two-edged sword, as it were. Once the walls were up to keep outsiders from coming in, insiders began to have trouble getting out.

This post at is ominous:

Recently, officers staffing the US border have been asking Canadian citizens to turn over their email and social media passwords before entering the US.

Not all citizens. So far, just those who have Muslim roots. But they could ask anyone, and if we are to take the current administration seriously, they will soon ask everyone.

If you cross into the US, you may be asked to hand over your own social media passwords and email password, not to mention unlock your devices and give them complete access. They may go into another room. In that other room, they may use hardware and software to vacuum up everything while you wait.

At this moment, you have a legal right to decline. If you decline, you may be turned away, ruining your business trip, vacation, or reunion with loved ones. But at this time, they will not legally compel you.

Will you give your consent to this?

Good question. If you haven’t already thought this through, perhaps you should consider what, exactly, you are complying with. After all, . . .

Continue reading.

Take a look down the road. Take a look at history. Pay attention to what’s happening. Develop a political situational awareness.

On the other hand, everything may work out fine.

Notice, BTW, that when the authorities want a very complete dossier on you, they can just clone your smartphone. That includes your networks of contacts, and a friend of a friend can be pretty remote—yet right there, so far our intelligence services are concerned.

Written by LeisureGuy

12 February 2017 at 2:41 pm

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