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How quickly will Trump lose his mojo?

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Another post today from Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post is well worth reading. From the post:

Less than a month into President Trump’s term, the White House finds itself embroiled in a three-alarm scandal, at least as debilitating as President Reagan’s Iran-contra fiasco and, depending on what comes to light about the president’s relationship with Russia, the most eye-popping presidential scandal in American history. Remember that if former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn lied to the FBI, he could face criminal charges and would have every incentive to spill the beans on any and all embarrassing or inappropriate contacts between Team Trump and the Kremlin.

For now, however, we have an administration under siege made worse by the president’s and top spinners’ abject lack of credibility. The normal presumption of honesty that most presidents enjoy, in the case of Trump, becomes the presumption of dishonesty. Given a president who either cannot accept reality, does not remember what he has said or done and/or lies reflexively, many Americans, including a growing number of Republicans in Congress, will be far less receptive to his explanations and attempts to blame others. Feeling vulnerable and besieged, Trump is holding a political rally (!) in Florida, a pathetic attempt to re-create the adulation he experienced in the campaign from true believers. Whatever temporary lift he receives from that will not be sufficient to blot out the tumult surrounding his presidency.

Meanwhile, the president’s decision to have a crony, Stephen A. Feinberg (who is also an ally of Stephen K. Bannon), “review” the intelligence community smacks of blatant politicization, if not outright intimidation. (According to the New York Times, Dan Coats — Trump’s nominee for director of national intelligence — is “angry” at the obvious attempt to insert a Trump-Bannon confidant into the intelligence community.) This will surely increase the enmity between the White House and the intelligence agencies.

As the Russia scandal mushrooms, Trump will face an entirely changed political landscape. Swiftly moving events will have at least five serous ramifications.

First, . . .

Read the whole thing. Emphasis added in the above. It struck me as soon as I read it that it was not appropriate for Trump to call on a buddy to do a sensitive investigation. He should use a credible third-party investigator—unless, of course, he wants to ake sure the investigation comes to conclusions that he wants and doesn’t surface things that would be embarrassing to him.

Written by LeisureGuy

16 February 2017 at 10:44 am

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