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Wire-tapping: Let me count the ways it could work

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First, the parties:

Trump – blew the whistle on the wiretaps
Russians – also live in Trump Tower
FBI – investigates crime, responsible for tracking spies, managing that sort of security
Obama White House

Obama White House said that it never ordered such a thing, and I believe them. It’s not credible, and the accuser has zero, possibly negative, credibility. So that’s out.

So what are the possibilities?

  1. FBI is doing the tapping. They might be tapping Trump or an associate (on a warrant with some sort of cause); they might be tapping the Russians or Trump’s associates (if one is suspected of being a foreign agent: that’s exactly what the FBI does); or both; or were tapping Russians and got Donald Trump or associates talking to Russians; or were tapping Donald Trump or associates and discovered Russians talking to him.
  2. Russians are doing the tapping: tapping Donald Trump or his associates. In this case, the FBI may have found the Russian taps (e.g., in a sweep of the phone system when Trump became president), and that was confused in Trump’s mind with the government tapping him.
  3. Trump is making up the whole thing as a distraction; or, Trump discovered the FBI wiretaps on the Russians and revealed an important counter-intelligence operation; or, Trump made up the whole thing and what he thought was a lie was in fact true and he blew the whole operation

The Wife pointed out one interesting: Trump, with his paranoia and hyperbole, said long ago, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dems were bugging me,” and then that drifted off into the echo chamber of the right and echoed back as the Breitbart stuff Trump read, and because the article confirmed exactly what he had been worried about, he decides that confirms it, only the “confirmation” is just the echo of his original offhand remark. So that’s an additional possibility.



Written by Leisureguy

5 March 2017 at 2:40 pm

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