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Why People Can’t Stand Liberals — From A Liberal Perspective

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Very interesting piece, written under a pseudonym, obviously: “Busta Troll.” It begins:

This should get me plenty of hate mail.

I am a liberal. As such, I believe in progress and equality. I yearn for societal evolution and a government that works for the people it serves. I stand on the side of all that is good and fair and rail against the oppression levied on the American people by the oligarchal one percent.

Those are all ideologies that any liberal can get behind. Those are the kinds of things that if taken as a whole and implemented would create a utopia the likes of which people on the left dream about. The mere thought of such perfection makes us believe that we are on the side of righteousness. After all…we are more intelligent and far more tolerant than our opposition.

And yet we can’t seem to stop losing elections.

Yes, there is gerrymandering and voter suppression and lies and deceit and billions of dollars working against us. Those things are real and horrible and wrong. They are also only half of the story. Our enemies are easy to see — hate, fear, bigotry and greed. The driving forces of the modern day conservative and the Republican party they love so dearly.

The Republican base, particularly die-hard Trump supporters, are the worst our country has to offer. They are the lowest common denominator; fruit hanging so close to the ground it can be easily snagged up and eaten by the GOP elite. Those people represent a huge piece of the American voting puzzle. They do not, however, represent every single person who voted for Donald Trump.

That brings us to the subject of this article. How could it possibly be that with our superior intellects and wholesome ideologies that any independent could possibly be persuaded by our inferiors to vote against the best interests of themselves and their country? That’s not so hard to understand if you step outside the box and think about that statement. People in the middle of our battle against evil may find the right to be as ridiculous as we do…and yet many may feel the same way about us.

The issue here isn’t that we’re arrogant, intolerant know-it-alls who refuse to bend on anything or see anyone else’s point of view as valid, the issue is we look like arrogant, intolerant know-it-alls who refuse to bend on anything or see anyone else’s point of view as valid. That may seem harsh, but our political world is the epitome of the word…so maybe harsh is exactly what we need.

Before I go into examples, please remember that I am not nor will I ever defend the radical right-wing views of the people we fight with day in and day out. What I’m talking about here are typical American independents who only follow politics when they feel they are directly affected. It’s almost impossible for us to consider that there are people who aren’t completely polarized, but they not only exist, they decide elections.

The first and most important thing far too many liberals show intolerance towards is Christianity. We tend to take our contempt for Christian extremism out on anyone who follows the religion at all. We ridicule people who send “thoughts and prayers” after a tragedy and call God things like “Sky Daddy.” We forget that faith isn’t always something used as a front for hate and intolerance. In doing so, we alienate people who hold many of our same beliefs and have since Sunday school.

On the other hand, we show absolute tolerance for a religion that is currently the most dangerous on the planet. Yes, I completely understand why President Obama and the State Department refrained from saying “radical Islam,” but does that really mean we have to pretend there is no danger at all? We’re at war with terrorism, not Islam, but those terrorist are who they are because they follow a twisted version of that religion.

So…we admonish Christians because the right-wingers use a twisted version of that religion to justify hate, all the while defending all Muslims and denying that they are an inherent danger to our society. What if, and sure this may sound crazy, but what if we showed the same tolerance for the peace-loving versions of all religions and admitted that while right-wing extremists are the worst of their kind, they don’t represent their entire religion?

Sounds like a familiar argument doesn’t it?

It’s tough to consider that . . .

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Written by LeisureGuy

19 March 2017 at 1:01 pm

Posted in Daily life, Politics

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