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Tim’s Soap Wood & Roses, Fatip Testina Gentile, and Anthony Gold’s Red Cedar aftershave

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I did quite get the Omega 20102 fully loaded—it’s a big knot, and I should have added water during the loading and continue loading a while longer. That’s the trouble with constantly switching the tools: you can’t just fall into a routine. I suppose that’s also the benefit: you have to pay attention. I didn’t.

Tim’s Soap Wood & Roses is a very nice fragrance:

This is the result of my long-standing love affair with the combination of sandalwood and rose in old-line British wetshaving products. Rich and decadent, evocative and comforting, this is as complex as scent gets. While hints of pepper and musk add depth, the classical duo of sandalwood and rose is powerful and layered enough to stand alone. Classically built, Wood and Roses is meant for the Anglophile, the fan of last-century fragrances, and any guy who – like me – has bought every sandalwood product he can get his hands on since the first day he encountered this marvelous, mysterious note.

The formulation is fairly simple, with avocado butter the only exotic ingredient: “Stearic acid, water, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, fragrance, sodium hydroxide, avocado butter, sodium lactate.” It is a very nice soap that lathers easily and feels good on the face.

As I’ve noted, Tim’s Soap has closed its doors, so this is now officially a vintage soap.

Fatip’s Testina Gentile is a great razor, IMO: extremely comfortable and extremely efficient, and hefty in the hand (since it’s plated brass, though it’s also available with a wood handle). Three passes, perfect smoothness, and not the hint of a nick.

A good splash of Anthony Gold’s wonderful Red Cedar aftershave, from The Copper Hat, and the day is launched. And I had bacon for breakfast, thanks to a sale at my supermarket: 5lbs of thick-cut pepper bacon for less than half price. 🙂

Written by LeisureGuy

24 March 2017 at 9:24 am

Posted in Shaving

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